The Hydroflow Anti-Bacteria is a Reality

Hydroflow anti-bacteria is two fold.  [1] As the water passes through the unit, Hydroflow’s strong osciliatory vibrations cause the membranes of bacteria to explode.  [2] Hydroflow eliminates bio-film.  Bacteria also attaches itself to the walls of pipes in the form of bio-film.  Hydroflow dissolves the limescale in the pipework, and the bio-film falls off the pipes with the limescale.

Here are two photos of the same cascade, that confirm the Hydroflow the anti-bacteria effect.  The first is the cascade as it without HydroFlow.  The second is after 4 months with Hydroflow fitted on the circulation pipe before the pump.

Pond cascade Before nd After

HydroFlow did a good job cleaning the circulation pump of limescale and reducing the algae in the pond.  The cascade is normally green, but with water treated by Hydroflow, the green became grey as the algae died away.


In this wild life pond there is no other water treatment that could have caused the algae to die, which makes this incontrovertible evidence that HydroFlow has an anti-bacteria / anti-algae effect.


Hydroflow also has the effect energising the pond life.  Hydroflow is known to increase breeding in a fish pond.  In our case, it had a dramatic effect on the frog population.  In response to the complaints of neighbours, we unistalled the Hydroflow.


We plan to put Hydroflow on again in August 2017, after the  frog breeding season is over.  The pump has been running without Hydroflow for some time and will be accumulating limescale.  So it needs 6 months with Hydroflow to remove the limescale and to prevent corrosion.  Hydroflow acts as preventive maintenance  to prolong the life of the pump. In the spring of 2018, I will get more photos to confirm that the algae is reduced / eliminated by HydroFlow.



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