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Welcome  to Hydroflow, the physical  water treatment that prevents incrustations of lime-scale, eliminates existing limescale, prevents corrosion , acts against bacteria and fixed chlorine.   Here are some reasons to Buy Now.

Our prices are some 60% less than other providers. Sadly we are not allowed to put our special prices on the Internet. To find out more, please fill out the Contact form and we will send you an email with the prices and an easy click through to pay by card or by Paypal.

If you are new to Spain, you may be surprised how different the water is,  especially if you live near the coast in the south or east of Spain.  Water on the seaboards in Spain is much harder than in cooler countries, and there is  more chlorine in the water to kill bacteria that would otherwise  flourish in the hotter climate.

There are pockets of Spain where the water is desalinated by the local water company, ie Gandia, Javea and Alicante city.  But for the most part the water is hard.  Water  is also hard inland  in places like Toledo, Jaen, Albacete, Cuenca etc.


  • The elements in the dish washer or electric kettle get coated in hard limescale.
  • The water heater stops working and the repairman shakes his head and talks about ‘la cal’.
  • The washing machine or dish washer corrodes and breaks down,
  • The soap doesn’t foam up as you would expect
  • You need to use lots of fabric conditioner to stop your towels feeling like cardboard.
  • The water pressure on the cold water tap in the kitchen is much better than it is on the hot water in the shower.
  • Your hair is dry and frizzy after a shower
  • Your skin feels itchy after a shower
  • It takes a long time for the hot water to get from the boiler to the basin, when you shave in the morning.


The inside of the water pipes becomes lined with limescale, especially the hot water pipes, which narrows the pipes and reduces the flow rate.  ie you get less water in your shower.  The limescale also absorbs heat, so it takes longer for the hot water to reach you.  You have to run the water for longer (ie lose water) and the water heater has to work for longer (ie use more energy) to supply you the water you need to fill the basin.


Magnets and electro-magnets have an effect on limescale.  But the effect is not far reaching, and when there is no flow of water they have very little affect at all. Worse still, The magnets attract the metal particles in the water to the pipe, which block the signal.  This explains why the performance of a magnet will reduce after a few months.Hydroflowdoes  not use a magnetic field and is flow independent, ie it works all the time even when the house is closed and the mains water is switched off.


True, these stop the formation of new limescale.  However they do nothing to remove existing limescale. Worse still,  decalcified water is not fit for human consumption.   The decalcifying process reduces the amount of chlorine in the water, and it is possible for bacterias to re-grow in water after treatment.  To cap it all, you have to buy salt every month to feed the monster.  Click Ecohabitat for an exposé  of the full horror story.  The conclusion is that the  water is not drinkable neither bacteriologically nor chemically.


Hydroflow is based on a UK  invention that is subject to worldwide patents.   The invention transforms DC current (what we use for our mobiles) into radio waves in the water.  The radio waves flow throughout a house or pool,  within a safe electric field, to prevent the formation of hard limescale, remove existing limescale and bio-film and prevent corrosion and reduce bacteria and fixed chlorine.  As the water passes by the Hydroflow, the strong oscillatory vibrations break down bacteria and fixed chlorine.

CHLORINE is needed to keep bacterias at bay.  But it is not good to drink, especially when it becomes fixed/combined with particles.  Hydroflow increases the free chlorine in the water which evaporates more easily in cooking.  With Hydroflow, you can cook with confidence.   Unboiled tap water will still have chlorine which is not healthy if drunk in large quantities.

Hydroflow  is one of a kind


Hydroflow technology is not just used in the home, it has also been evaluated and approved by industrial engineers in factories like Heineken  in Valencia and  Campofrio in the Oscar Mayer factory in Torrent.  Big Hydro units are also used in the point of entry in apartment blocks  to protect whole buildings from limescale, bacteria and corrosion.


S38 descales Heater

  • Prevents incrustations of limescale, corrosion and bacteria
  • Removes Limescale and bio-film from the surfaces
  • Dissolves existing limescale to improve water pressure
  • Reduces the expense of heating water
  • Extends the useful life of the water heater and washing machines
  • Reduces the bitter taste of limescale and chlorine in the water
  • Softens the water, good for sensitive skin
  • Ecological, maintenance free, uses just 1.2  watts of electricity
Hydro low Certificated


In areas of hard water, the water is abrasive and can cause skin problems.  This is worse when limescale combines with fixed chlorine.  Hydroflow avoids this, by preventing the formation of hard limescale and by reducing levels of fixed chlorine.   Hydroflow also provokes a physical flocculation that groups the particles in clusters, including the chlorine.  The flocs/ clusters make it difficult for the chlorine to penetrate the skin, which is what causes problems with itchy skin, dry hair etc.

Click Ezcema to see the results of three university studies, that confirm that salt based decalcifiers do not help children with eczema.

Click Great Expectations for  what to expect.


Hydroflow K40 swimming pool

  • Stops limescale and corrosion
  • Eliminates limescale and bio-film from the surfaces
  • Breaks down bacteria, algae, and fixed chlorine
  • Flocculates to improve filtration
  • Saves water by reducing the duration of back-washes
  • Flocculates to reduce the amount of chlorine absorbed by the skin.
  • Combines well with a salt-based chlorinator
  • Reduces the consumption of chlorine up to 50% in normal swimming pools
  • Ecological, maintenance free, uses just 1.2  watts of electricity

Without Hydroflow technology on a pool, you need to ..

  • Dedicate more time to pool maintenance
  • Add ph Acid to reduce the pH to prevent accumulation of limescale
  • Add more chemicals to prevent bacteria and algae
  • Change a greater proportion of the water more often to keep it usable.
  • Spend more on medication for skin irritations and ear infections

Click Perfect Pool for what to expect.  Use the translate button to get it into Bing’s version of your language .

Hydro Itash Certificated


If you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it back within 30 days to receive a full reimbursement.  If during the first 12 months, Hydroflow does not live up to expectations, you may send it back and receive a reimbursement less a nominal charge for rental.  This is in addition to the factory guarantee of three years.  Hydroflow has a mean time between failure calculated of 35 years. You can expect many years of service with zero maintenance costs.


In addition to the 3-year factory warranty, Hydroflow guarantees for 12 months that the Hydroflow is suitable for use  (“Fit-for-Purpose”). If Hydroflow does not meet expectations, the product can be returned at any time and money returned, less a nominal charge per rental.


Our prices are as much as 70% less than other providers. Sadly we are not allowed to put our special prices on the Internet. To find out more, please fill out the Contact form and we will send you an email with the prices and an easy click through to pay by card or by Paypal.

The cost delivery by TNT in Spain is 9  euros or 14 euros if you buy both.  Deliveries are within 7 to 10 days of order.

Hydroflow includes instructions for installation, which is easy. There is no need to cut to the pipe. Hydroflow can installed by a good handyman. No special skills are required. If there are any doubts about the location, please send photos by Whatsapp 651 378 241 or email to the contact below, so we can look at it and maybe suggest alternatives to the location.

If you want more than one unit for the home or pool, or need a tax invoice, or wish to pay by bank transfer, please email your order to hydroflow at hydroflow.es  or you can whatsapp 0034 651 378 241.